The Workflow

This is my process. Simple as it is
01. Requirement Understanding

Tell me about your business, your needs, your projects. What do YOU like?

02. Planning & Time Management

We will build a timeline for your project to see life. Let's work together!

03. Start Design and Coding

Every step of the way, you will have access to a test site to see your project grow.

04. Test and Deliver within deadline

I will ensure that we test your project on every platform possible. From a tablet to the big screen.


My services, your solutions!
Solutions for you and your business!
Get the solutions that YOU want. Plan your next digital project with me. Show me your vision and I'll make it happen at the best price possible. Follow my Getting Started guide, ask for a free quote and get ready to enter the World Wide Web!
Domain & Hosting registration

Get your business or idea online. I can provide the best plan for your budget on a Canadian hosting.

Complete website design & update

From a completely new design or just a few updates, I am here to help! Show us your colors and ideas.

Consultations & Analysis

Lets sit down and look at your project. Together, we can find the best strategy possible to find the answers to your requests.

Online store setup

Get your unique store onine and attract more customers. Show all your products in a simple design, easy to update.

Social media integration

Socal media platforms are a great way to promote your idea or business. Plus, most features are free to use!

Logo design

A good business need at least a logo to stand out of the bunch. From it, you can define your colors and unique design.

Best Hosting Provider

I use only the best provider to host my sites!
Without web hosting, your website can never reach the outside world. Hosting is the essential link between your website and the Internet, but can often become a baffling and confusing annoyance. If you’re like me, being forced to read a list of technical specifications and jargon is a better cure for insomnia than a mallet to the skull. But sometimes, choosing the right hosting package can involve making important business decisions. For all my Hosting needs, I recommend:


Some things you should know about me.
Sébastien Dubeau

Freelance Web Designer | DJ

I'm a father, a government worker and a DJ all in one!

I have 2 awesome children (Mia and Mathis) and a beautiful wife named Natasha. They are my life. But I've always had a passion for computers. Back in the days, my dad used to show me everything that has to do with a pc. I owe my knowledge and patience to him. I've always been a visual kinda guy: I prefer the graphics than the coding. Let me show you what I can do for you!


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I'm always available for your questions or concerns. Don't hesitate to contact me via email or phone.
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